Guest Information

The Board of Directors, Members and staff are pleased to welcome you to Eldorado Country Club. We believe you will find the following information helpful as you enjoy our facilities as the invited guest of a member. Should you have any questions about this information, please contact your member host.

A Word About Our Dress Requirements

Our Dress Requirements are an important tradition at Eldorado Country Club and were established to complement the excellence in standards for which the Club is noted. It is the responsibility of each member to conform to the dress requirements, and to ensure that family members and guests do so as well.

The Grille

Casual attire, including "Eldorado Appropriate" golfing, tennis and fitness attire, is acceptable in The Grille.

The Eldorado Room and Terrace

Formal attire (see below) on Friday and Saturday nights and Casual attire on other evenings is acceptable. Members should inform their guests of the dress code for regular dining and private parties.


Casual attire, including "Eldorado Appropriate" golfing attire, is acceptable in Ike's our new casual bar and dining venue open daily. 

At the direction of the Board of Directors, staff is unable to serve those who are not in compliance with the dress code.

Dress Code Descriptions


Jacket required, ties preferred, for gentlemen and dresses or pantsuits for ladies.


Slacks, collared shirts (including mock turtlenecks) or sweaters for gentlemen and skirts, pant suits, sweaters or other casual attire for ladies.

Unacceptable Attire

At no time are the following items of attire acceptable anywhere within Eldorado Country Club common areas - tank tops, tank-style undershirts or jogging tops on men, halter or jogging tops on women, frayed, tattered or cut-off shorts, or clothing carrying inappropriate messages. Shirts and shoes are required at all times in all public areas other than the pools. Sports apparel, such as warm-up or jogging suits, is not considered acceptable attire for ladies or gentlemen in the club's casual restaurants. Jeans or denims are not permitted at any time.

Sports Attire

Golf Course and Practice Areas

Golfers must be in proper attire at all times (on both the golf course and practice tee). For men, shirts with collars, worn tucked in, (including mock turtlenecks) and slacks or Bermuda shorts must be worn. For men and women, short shorts, tennis attire, jeans, bathing suits or halter tops are not permissible. Members and guests must use the Locker Room for changing clothes and shoes.

Sport & Fitness Center/Village Green and Tennis Courts

Tennis shoes or court shoes must be worn at all times. Other athletic shoes, i.e., running, may damage the court surface and should not be worn. Appropriate attire for men shall include tennis shorts, shirts and/or appropriate warm-up suits. Casual athletic tee shirts, designed for sport training, may be worn. Appropriate attire for women includes tennis shorts, skirts, dresses and/or appropriate warm-up suits.


No open toe shoes or sandals are allowed on the gym floor. Shorts are required at all times.

Sun Bathing/Swim Attire

Any area beyond the pools at the Sport & Fitness Center or the East Cottage Pool requires cover-ups and shoes. Thong-style suits are inconsistent with the club's family environment and are, therefore, inappropriate.


Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats whenever entering any Club facility including the men's locker room. 

Cell Phones

The use of cellular or digital portable phones for verbal and listening purposes by members or guests is permitted only in the car parking lot.

Gratuity Guidelines

Club employees do not accept gratuities with the exception of the locker room, bellmen and valet staffs. A fixed 20% service charge is added to all food and beverage purchases. Golf Caddies are independent contractors and are not subject to the gratuity policy.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining our gracious family environment.